Episode 3

Published on:

18th Dec 2019

You wouldn't put meat on a risotto

Take a healthy dose of Scotland, mix it with some exotic West Indies and a dash of Southern Italy, add some time in England, playing international Rugby League, garnish with a Law degree and finish with an inquisitive mind and you have Ben. At least a rough outline of a chap I've found to be both insightful and entertaining and of a conversation worth sharing.

Topics covered:

International sport as a teenager, Law, Brexit, Risotto, growing up in Scotland, Fasting, Paleo, Weight lifting, Reading, Meditation, Southern Italy and how countries are getting smarter about ensuring companies pay their fair share of tax.

Ben can be contacted via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-musio-143886174/

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People that move talk about the things that matter most. Host Oliver Happy talks to interesting people from around the world. They each share their journey and talk about the things that matter most.

Originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Oliver has lived overseas for 17 years and counting, including a decade in Australia. Now based in the UK, the experience of moving and an interest in diverse walks of life form running themes.

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